Welcome to “Neverwinter’s Final Flake”


The Forgotten Realms is a vast territory filled with vial creatures and selfless heroes, where each new town comes with its own landmarks and secrets to explore. Of all of the locations there is one that stands out as a haven for those who want to get away. This land of escape is known as The Far North. The Far North contains variety that rivals the snowflakes, which fall upon its mountains. Each person found here has their own unique shape and personality. No one a copy of another, although they all meld together to create the harsh and unforgiving landscape. As some melt away more fall into place, maintaining the structure, while changing the composition. Each one is lost in the tundra, just a single member of the whole. That is until you take a closer look. It is up to you to take that look, to see the marks and branches of each unique story. Can you set yourself apart from the rest of the snowflakes, or will you melt into the landscape unnoticed? Is it your destiny to be the last of the snowflakes? Will you bring warmth to this icy wasteland and save those who are lost in the cold?

Neverwinter's Final Flake